“HKU Tartan” Marks Historic Links with the University of Aberdeen
29 Oct 2012

A specially commissioned tartan was presented to the University Hong Kong (HKU) by the University of Aberdeen today (October 29) as a gift to celebrate the historic links between the two Universities and the collaborations that will continue into the next century.

The “HKU Tartan” is inspired by the HKU Shield, with colours referencing to different features of the Shield and embodying the modern outlook of HKU and its Centenary.

Chancellor Lord Wilson, also an HKU alumnus, and Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Diamond of the University of Aberdeen, together with HKU Vice-Chancellor Professor Lap-Chee Tsui, officiated at the Presentation Ceremony.

Applauding and thanking the delegation from the University of Aberdeen, Professor Tsui said: “We are always proud to be the first, and this time we are probably the first Asian university to receive a registered tartan, specially designed for us.”

Particularly associated with Scotland, tartan is a delicately woven pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours. In addition to Scottish clan tartans, there are tartans created for individuals, families, regions, districts, institutions, corporations, and sometimes events.

The links between the University of Aberdeen and HKU dated back 125 years ago with the Hong Kong College of Medicine, founded by Dr Patrick Manson, a graduate of the University of Aberdeen. All four senior officers of the College of Medicine were graduates of the University of Aberdeen, including Dr Ho Kai, who was a student from Hong Kong who went to Aberdeen to study medicine.

Professor Tsui added: “The University of Aberdeen, along with many other prestigious universities in the UK and other parts of the world, constitute HKU’s extensive international network of academic collaborations and exchanges. The links first forged more than a century ago with the University of Aberdeen shall continue with collaborative research programmes and student exchange.”

About The University of Hong Kong Tartan
The tartan is inspired by the green and blue of the HKU Shield which was granted in 1913. The red and gold are for the lion on its field of crimson. The narrow black lines on white denote the open book bearing the University’s Chinese motto and the Latin version “Sapientia et Virtus”. The vibrant green represents the modern outlook of the University and HKU’s Centenary.